Our Neighborhood


On the eastern border of the city of Cleveland, Buckeye-Woodhill is a unique mixture of rich history and painful neglect. It is a region that demonstrates a difficult history of immigration, white flight, urban decay, and inequality. From the 1940’s to 1970’s the population experienced a nearly 100% reversal as wealthy and middle-class white Hungarian immigrants fled the inner-city to be replaced by African-Americans migrating from the south. The story of Buckeye-Woodhill is a story repeated all over America and it is a story into which God is weaving his redemption and freedom.

New Image Block Club

New City Cleveland is an active participant in our local block club which represents four streets at the heart of our neighborhood: Mt. Overlook, Notre Dame, Mt. Carmel, and Woodstock. This block club connects residents over important neighborhood issues and promotes community events in Artha Woods Park.

For more information or to get involved contact Denise Moore, djmoore5877@yahoo.com

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